Instrumental & Vocal Arranging, Songwriting

I'm Not Alright Shinedown Amarylis Atlantic add'l production/songwriter Video »
Chicas F.A.N.S. Despegamos Sony Latin producer/arranger/songwriter
Get Your Rock On, Every Ten Seconds Various Artists The American Mall Soundtrack MTV Networks and T&C Media Content II, LTD producer/arranger/songwriter
Are You Listening, Let The Music Play It's The Music Columbia Pix International and TC Pictures producer/arranger/songwriter
Kaleidoscope Bean STRZ The Label, STRZ Enterprises producer/arranger/songwriter
We’re Here For The Party Erin Bowman producer/arranger/songwriter
Dance With The Enemy Erin Bowman producer/arranger/songwriter
On and Up Raveena Aurora producer/arranger/songwriter
Gladiator Kelly V producer/arranger/songwriter
Alchemy Amanda Rain producer/arranger/songwriter
New Orleans Vincent Poag For The Girls (Full Length CD) Danal Music LLC producer/arranger
This Christmas Vincent Poag Circling Back (Full Length CD) Danal Music LLC producer/arranger Video »
Love Struck Sandy Murphy (Full Length CD) Sandra Fredrickson/Little Bit Of Soul Music producer/arranger
Paint Me, Falling, No Apologies Carly Eden producer/arranger
Rachelle, Soul On The Street Made In Motion producer/arranger
Karmageddon, Can You Dance In The Rain? Roni James producer/arranger/songwriter
Forever's Not Long Enough April Higuera (Full Length EP) Platinum Heart Music producer/arranger