What People Say

“Kathy Sommer is the songwriter Artist’s like me dream of.  There are no rules, and no plan other than chasing whatever moves you.  She is a muse with a golden soul and a road map down Alice’s rabbit hole.  I’m so proud of everything I’ve written on record and off record with this woman”

Lzzy Hale
HALESTORM – Artist, Songwriter

"I love working with Kathy! She's fast, unflappable, inspired, thorough and knowledgable. Did I mention the crazy chops?"

Martin Briley
THE MARTIN BRILEY BAND  Artist, Songwriter, Producer

“I first met Kathy on a writing session when I was 12 or 13 years old. Even as a child I was immediately struck by Kathy's talent, enthusiasm and deep kindness. She treated me with tremendous respect and quickly became a role model. Through the years our relationship continued to blossom and I had the privilege of working with Kathy in the studio as a session vocalist for her pop material. Kathy has an incredible ear for melody and harmony and a unique ability to step into the soul of the artist she's writing for. Kathy's songs never feel disconnected or contrived. I watched Kathy gracefully juggle working as a vocal coach while conducting a Broadway musical and she never once appeared overworked or frazzled. She's one of those magical people who radiates peace and calm at all times. As a vocal coach she understands group dynamics and is a strong leader. Her technique is impeccable but more more importantly she is consistently able to relate to and inspire artists. As a professional woman in music I am fortunate to have had numerous opportunities to work with someone as multi-talented and multi-dimensional as Kathy Sommer. Her influence on me can't be overstated and she continues to set the bar high for how to inspire and thrive in the music business.”

Alexis Krauss
SLEIGH BELLS – Artist, Songwriter

"Working with Kathy is an absolute delight. Her collaborative strengths in songwriting and mentoring new talent - plus her ability to keenly assess how a recording project needs to grow - set Kathy apart within the creative community. She embraces a broad spectrum of musical genres and brings musicality and heart to everything she does."

Ruby Marchand
Vice President, International Repertoire Development
Warner Music


As Composer...

From “Theatremania”:
“Long Road Home is... a contemporary story that takes place in a church of unspecified denomination in a backwater town in Tennessee, south of Memphis. It is a hand clapping, life-affirming story of a battered woman's journey back to her faith, laced with enough sex, rock and rhythm 'n blues to keep even a heathen satisfied." 


As Music Director & Arranger...

From “Show Music”: Winter1988/89
Romance/Romance’s recording was produced by Thomas Z.Shepard, who, with his usual expertise, translates it into an enjoyable listening experience. The orchestrations are by the talented Michael Starobin, with musical director Kathy Sommer providing the exciting vocal and dance arrangements.

From Billboard “On Stage”Review: February 27, 1993
“Tapestry: The Music OfCarole King”, Union Square Theatre, NY “A six-person orchestra, led by Kathy Sommer’s sure hands on the piano, fills stage right. The  music, of course, is center stage, and holds the spotlight commandingly.”

As Producer & Arranger...

CD Review: Vincent Poag, For The Girls
Blinded By Sound, April 9, 2014

"Forever" is a folk number that shows off Poag's strong pop sensibilities. The track's orchestration is reminiscent of vintage Paul McCartney in places without being derivative. On "My Wings," Poag delves into gospel, complete with a choir on this piano-based track. 

Album Review: Vincent Poag, Circling Back, September 21, 2011

The different arrangement elements are part of what makes the album so strong, and some of the album's best cuts also have a cinematic quality that is somewhat reminiscent of the best of Randy Newman or Mark Knopfler. "Seagull" is an acoustic ballad with an uplifting string section, while the piano-driven "This Christmas" is so strong that it should be the theme song of a blockbuster Christmas movie this year - and if it had been written by Randy Newman it would probably be in line for an Academy Award.